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Open minded, pure, playful, raw, honest, creative.
These are some keywords to describe my work.
I’m here for the ones who really want to                        
Who want to explore, create, love, be curious, play.

Open minded, pure, playful, raw, honest, creative. These are some keywords to describe my work. I’m here for the ones who really want to expand their universe.
Who want to explore, create, love, be curious, play.

expand their universe.

When I work with you, I want to know you, really know you and be your friend. It might sound cheesy but I mean it. I’m not afraid of the messy stuff, the vulnerable, so if you need to cry, please, cry. If you laugh until you pee, we’ll take care of that too.

I’m not afraid to go deep, but I’m also not afraid to make a complete fool out of myself if it means I got you to laugh. Photography doesn’t have to be awkward. We only do what makes you feel comfortable. So please, show up exactly how you feel like. We’re doing this for you and I really care about you.

Queer, vegan, ADHD, feminist, late bloomer, these are some labels society attaches to me.

my girlfriend attaches to me:

a curious, passionate, honest, open hearted, lunatic (make that cute lunatic)
and welcoming enthusiast. Oh and I love Fleetwood Mac..

but i prefer to focus on the words

She was my first ever girlfriend when I was 20 and very awkward. It took us another 10 years to make it back too each other. And finally here, I can only hope to stay in her orbit for many more years to come.

this is her btw

and this is us

i don't care about your labels.

 (The only thing I care about is if you love Fleetwood Mac.)  But I am curious to know how your loved ones would describe you.

discover our furry family who we adore while you browse through my website.

I encourage you to...

Photo Credit: Isis Sturtewagen

my philosophy

I’m not here for the fake smiles and the latest trends. I’m here for YOU. All of you. I need the raw, the pure, the unique you.

Are you ready to be unapologetically, fearlesly you?

“It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive.

oriah mountain dreamer

Roos & Simon

Wat zijn wij een prachtige ervaring rijker. Mieke heeft ons als koppel gefotografeerd. Alles was tot in de puntjes verzorgd, niet alleen de praktische zaken zoals locatie, haar en make-up, maar ook de sfeer die Mieke weet te creëren is zo bijzonder! Mieke geeft meer dan alleen een fotoshoot. Ze weet hoe ze je op je gemak moet stellen en dat zie je terug aan de beelden. Intiem, authentiek en ongedwongen. Het was een dag om nooit te vergeten.


Hanne & Jelmer

Mieke bewoog zich soepel door de hectiek en volheid van het moment en toonde ons met haar beelden niet enkel wat er letterlijk gebeurde tijdens onze huwelijksdag maar ook de liefde en de fonkels die in het rond dartelden. We kijken nog geregeld naar de fotos en worden er iedere keer opnieuw blij van 🙂
Dank je wel Mieke!


Easily the best experience with a photographer to date! Mieke is super personable and exceptionally talented at her art. She not only made sure both of us were comfortable and enjoying the experience, but she also created
a memorable experience in itself.


Let's Spark

Some Magic